Wedding Gift Handing

Wedding Gift Handling Services Within Nigeria

Wedding Gift Handling

The gift handling service is offered to clients holding events and occasions where they receive many valuable gifts. comes in and handles the gifts at the gift table to ensure that no damages or losses occur. We come with a branded truck and two members of our staff in uniform. We provide this service anywhere in Lagos and Nigeria.

Wrapping Materials

To prevent the gifts from getting damaged, either by getting scratches or breaking we ensure they are well protected. If some gifts are found not very well packed, we repack them as this is our expertise.

Gift Consolidation

To prevent the gifts from getting lost, we put them together according to their type. The cutleries go together, the glassware and so on. This ensures that none of the gifts received on that day ends up missing.

Gift Registry

For accountability and good order, we do gift registration so that we can ensure that all gifts received are documented. This helps the owner when unwrapping them.


On the day of the event, we provide security for the gift table if necessary.


After the event, we transport the gifts to the client’s premises. We then check against the gift registry to make sure that all are delivered.


In the case of weddings, if the couple is heading off for a honeymoon, we store the goods in our warehouse in self storage lockers which are permanently locked. This storage service is free. When you get back, we deliver the goods to the assigned destination for free.


Ensure the safety and security of all gift items.


Once the team has loaded all the gift items, they will give the area one last sweep up and tidy to ensure you are good to go.

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